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Furnace & Air-Conditioner System Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance  for your equipment will help prevent future problems and high unwanted repair costs. Keep your heating and cooling system at peak performance by having High Comfort do annual preseason Preventative Maintenance. These preseason checkups are scheduled during the spring and fall seasons. The Spring and Fall checkup and preventative maintenance will help to ensure that your system is running at peak performance and greatly reduce the need for any emergency service during the Summer and Winter months. Preventative Maintenance includes Inspection, cleaning and fine tuning your equipment.

One key component to every well maintained Heating and Cooling system is a clean air filter. Air filters should be replaced once every minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months. A clean air filter greatly reduces equipment failure and those high unwanted repair costs. Home Comfort technicians can show you just how safe and easy it is to replace these filters. 

High Comfort Residential maintenance repair and replacement
Differnce between a clean and dirty System Filter
Importance of Clean Air Filters

Furnace & Air Conditioner System Repair Services

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our highly skilled and qualified technicians are able to diagnose and carry out the necessary Repair Services for any make or model of HVAC unit. We offer a comprehensive one year warranty on any part we replace as well as honor any manufactures warranty.

High Comfort is here to service all of your repair needs.

High Comfort Residential Heating and Cooling maintenance, repairs and replacement
High Comfort Residential Heating and Cooling maintenance, repairs and replacements

Furnace & Air Conditioner System Replacement

When your Heating and Cooling system has completely failed and its time for a replacement, High Comfort is here to help. With so many different brands and models to choose from, we are here to help you through the entire process from start to finish. We will help you find the right brand and model to accommodate all of your Heating and Cooling needs. Depending on the brand and model, Replacement will offer you anywhere from 5 years up to 15 years of piece of mind. With the latest Industry Advancements, today’s heating and cooling systems are so efficient that you will start to see immediate savings in your gas and electric bill.

Before rushing into a replacement decision without careful consideration, let High Comfort help YOU find the best fit for your needs.

Depending on the repairs needed, sometimes it might be much more cost effective to go with replacement.

High Comfort Residential Heating and Cooling Replacement Services

Indoor Air Quality

High Comfort Indoor Air Quality is offered through the installation of the latest Filtration System Technology. These filters are designed to work with your existing filter system. These special filters help to greatly reduce mold spores, dust and dander as well as unwanted odors such as a wet dog.

Air born pollutants as well as odor can easily be captured and removed from enclosed areas, and this helps to greatly improve indoor air quality. These are the same filtration systems that are used in Hospitals to help maintain the highest level of Indoor Air Quality.

These state of the art filters assist those with allergies and breathing disorders, such as asthma, to have greater control over outbreaks. By helping to reduce the pollutants that trigger outbreaks.

These filters are very easy to maintain, and can be installed for residential and commercial buildings.

Contact High Comfort and have one of our Customer Service Representatives schedule a free in home or in office consultation.

High Comfort Residential and Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services
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