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Commercial Refrigeration Systems

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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Our highly trained experienced technicians can be there to diagnose and offer High Comfort service to any commercial repairs your business needs. Whether its your Commercial Furnace, Air Conditioning unit or Refrigeration Compressors, High Comfort can take care of it all.

High Comfort Provides the following Commercial Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration Services:

  • We maintain any make and model of your commercial rooftop units and refrigeration systems.
  • Repair any make and model of heating and cooling systems.
  • Install any make and model of heating and cooling systems.
  • Repair and install any type of refrigeration system listed below.
  • Walk-ins Coolers &Freezers
  • Reach-ins Coolers& Freezers
  • Grocery coolers& freezers
  • Produce coolers
  • Dairy coolers
  • Deli cases
  • Wine coolers
  • Flower coolers
  • Meat coolers
  • Pizza coolers
  • Prep tables
  • Ice machines
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